Air Cooler Fan- Best for Homes and Offices


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Air Cooler Fan- Ideal for Homes and Offices

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Air Cooler Fan- Ideal for Homes and Offices

Summer and again cooling worries, It’s just a few weeks away and everybody will start to look for an air cooler system, either air conditioners or air coolers. Keep in mind that Air coolers are not air conditioners both have a lot of differences from cooling to functioning and maintenance

 An air cooler fan is an all-important piece of equipment that is utilized for cooling down our home or office air environments, particularly in hot climate regions.

There are many advantages of the air cooler with a few disadvantages too

These Portable air cooler fans are a kind of evaporative air coolers with a has a flow of air of 10 to 20 feet. There are some larger capacity air cooler fans too.

Advantages of air cooler fan

  • Affordable prices – Buying Prices much low RS 4000 to 10000 therefore anyone can afford it comparative to air conditioners systems which available at very high prices.
  • Easy to Install and Environmentally Friendly
  • Electricity charges are very less.-The wattage input of 150 to 300 which much less compared to air conditioner.
  • Low and Easy maintenance- saves cost .usually comes with enough water holding tanks and hose pipes for watering.
  • Can act as humidifier also, so can avoid dryness over the furniture or equipment.

Humidity Sensor With Display

  • Sleek and Stylish Modular Design. Power 140w | Current: 1 Amp| High Glossy Rust free Body
  • High Air Delivery: 2250M3/HR. 3 Speed Control | Height: 74cm | Length: 23cm | Width: 28cm
  • Powerful Air Throw: 25 Feet
  • Low Power Consumption | Voltage: 220~240v, 50/60Hz Ac
  • Warranty: 1 Year Standard Warranty + 6 Months Additional Warranty on FREE Registration

  • Capacity: 12 litres; Coverage Area: Ideal for room size up to 28 cubic meters (Keep door/window open for cross ventilation & effective cooling)
  • Warranty: 1 year on manufacturing defects.

  • Cooling Media: Highly-effective honeycomb cooling pads and cool flow dispenser ensures superior cooling
  • Technology: Powered by i-pure technology with multistage air purification filters such as allergy filter, bacteria filter, smell filter, PM 2.5 wash filter, and dust filter that delivers fresh and filtered cool air
  • Powerful Pump: The exclusive dura-pump of Diet 12T ensures the longevity of the pump
  • Control Panel: Easy to use dial knob controls for fan speed, cooling and swing settings. Air Throw Distance (mt): 9 / 30.
  • No-Empty tank alarm: .
  • Auto louver movement: Yes.
  • No Remote control
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  • Capacity: 36 Litres; Ideal for room size of upto 150 Sq Ft. Suitable for all climates and coastal regions
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH): 45.5 cm x 43.5 cm x 82.0 cm
  • Honeycomb cooling media, easily removable pads; 3 Side cooling pad for enhanced performance
  • Castor wheel for easy mobility. Cord effective length 1.5
  • 3 way speed control; Quite Performance; Four way air deflection
  • Power: 100 Watts; Operating voltage: 230 V; Works of Inverter: Yes; Warranty: 1 year

  • Package Include: 1 Cooler
  • 22 Litres Water Tank Capacity, – control panel with 3 speed control & swing options. Wider & larger window for better air spread
  • Water level indicator -Auto fill Ice chamber for extra cooling Castor wheel Honey Comb for effective cooling
  • Inverter Compatible, Power Consumption – 130W Air Delivery -1400m3/hr, 230 volts ac 50hz
  • Delivers Fresh, Filtered Cool Air,
  • 1 Year Standard Warranty – 6 Months Additional Warranty on FREE Registration

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