Anupama Written Episode for December 25, 2022


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Anupama Written Episode for December 25

Anupama Written Episode for December 25

Anupama Written Episode for December 25, 2022

Anupama Written Episode for December 25

Anupama pampers young Anu before she heads off to school and makes a commitment to return to her school later that day for a dancing practise. She wonders what happened after seeing Leela fighting Barkha and Dimpy. Leela, according to Barkha, has insulted her for changing Pari’s diaper. Leela claims she does not desire outside assistance. Like Leela, according to Barkha, Dimpy is a part of the family. Barkha will eventually have to leave this home, according to Leela. Anupama claims that Barkha and Dimpy are members of her family, and that Leela must not treat them harshly. She and Anuj regard Dimpy as their daughter, and they would feel awful if Leela treated her badly.

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What else can Leela say in Anupama’s home? She yells at Anupama, telling her that Pari is her responsibility and that she needs to be cared for just like Little Anu. Anupama claims that is the reason she spent yesterday night at the Shah residence. She must console Pari, according to Leela, who is the only one who can. Anupama is assuring Pari.

While Adhik is getting ready for work, Pari enters his room and tries to assist him. He holds her after she slips. Barkha sees that as she passes and becomes upset. She questions Pakhi’s knowledge of breaks and her purpose in Adhik’s room. Leela interjects, asking why she is meddling in their relationship and what a wife would do in her husband’s room. Barkha storms out in rage. Leela queries Adhik and Pakhi as to why they do not shut the door while they are aware of the presence of adversaries. She departs and closes the door from outside. Adhik departs for work. Leela allegedly informed Pakhi that this was a chance to persuade Adhik.

For the upcoming dance classes, Anupama sees Dimpy cleaning her ghungroo and praises her. Why doesn’t Leela like her, Dimpy wonders. Anupama said she doesn’t know why certain individuals dislike other people. Perhaps as a result of her accident, explains Dimpy. Dimpy should enjoy life, Anupama argues, and it’s Leela’s issue if she thinks so cheaply. According to Dimpy, managing both families simultaneously is exciting. Anupama claims that every time both families got together, something would happen and she worries that a tiny problem will turn into a large one. She begs the Almighty for nothing to occur this time. She overhears Leela and Barkha arguing once more.

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Leela yells at Barkha, telling her that if she hadn’t gotten in the way of Pakhi and Adhik today, they would have patched things up. Even her granddaughter, according to Barkha, had such cheap mentality that she would barge into Adhik’s chamber even after taking a break. Leela claims that if Pakhi had remained by his side, Adhik’s celebrity would not have been ruined. Leela and Pakhi both had the same intentions, according to Barkha, who entered the house deftly knowing what they both intended. Leela claims that Anupama brought them here and queries why she is upset if Anuj and Anupama aren’t having any issues.

Anupama goes over and inquires as to what transpired. Leela requests that she warn Barkha not to cause harm to Adhik and Pakhi. Anupama needs to tell Pakhi to quit barging into Adhik’s chamber and Leela and her family to act like guests, according to Barkha. They continue to argue. Anupama asks them to stop arguing and suggests that they avoid one another if they can’t get along. She instructs Barkha and Leela to refrain from turning her home into a battleground and sends Pakhi with Dimpy. She is reminded by Barkha that Anuj is upset with her, and she is urged to quit allowing unneeded guests to come between her and Anuj. Leela exclaims that Bakrha has been inciting Anupama to turn on her, just like he had done to Pakhi and Adhik. She is prompted to halt by Anupama. She was taken inside the house to humiliate her, Leela walks away yelling.

Anupama dials Anuj after remembering Barkha’s advice. Anuj selects a call. Anupama claims that she simply had the need to contact after hearing his house. Anuj lauds her performance. Anupama declares that she will end the call at that point. She is asked how she is by Anuj. Anupama acknowledges and ends the call. Anuj believes he is well, too. Hasmukh receives a complaint from Leela about Barkha and Anupama. To halt, Hasmukh commands her. Why would Anupama bring her here if she was going to disgrace her, cries Leela. Hasmukh claims that Leela entered Anupama’s home obtrusively. When Anupama brought Pari here, Leela explains what she would have done. They arrived after Anupama, according to Hasmukh, and were unable to console Pari. Let’s go home, Leela says. Let’s go then, Hasmukh says. Leela is still. Why is she causing trouble here when she doesn’t say anything at Dolly’s sasural, Hasmukh asks. She should keep quiet at least till Vanraj, Kaya, and Kinjal go back home. Leela storms out in anger. Since no one is answering the phone, Vanraj phones Hasmukh and inquires as to their whereabouts. They are at Anupama’s home, according to Hasmukh.

Dimpy gets complimented by Samar for wearing Anupama’s ghungroo. Dimpy claims that in order to make her brain feel happier, she tries to act joyful. Anupama walks past. She is asked to take a photo of Samar and Dimpy for a poster. She does, and she poses alongside Samar. Leela observes that while scowling. Anuj goes back home. Hasmukh treats him well and promises to make tea for Anuj, who can then calmly explain what transpired at his place of business today. Anuj cries and claims he made him think of his father. Anuj makes tea while having a conversation with Hasmukh. Anu the child goes back home. Anuj enthusiastically rushes to her.

Anupama was requested by the teacher to choreograph the presentation, and young Anu enthusiastically recalls how she and Anupama enjoy dancing at school. They will light the stage on fire, according to Anupama. Leela sends for Pari. Young Anu eagerly reaches out to touch Pari. She is commanded to stay away from Pari by Leela. According to little Anu, she wanted to show Pari her glitter pen. As she leaves, Leela instructs Anupama to make dinner for Hasmukh. Anuj is offended by Leela’s domineering attitude.

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