AI creations : Arjun Kapoor shares his cute AI replicas along with Sonam Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, & Suhana Khan


Arjun Kapoor shares his cute AI replicas
Arjun Kapoor shares his cute AI replicas

Arjun Kapoor, a prominent Bollywood star, is renowned not only for his acting skills but also for his active presence on social media. With a penchant for engaging in lively banter with his fellow celebrities, Arjun recently captivated everyone’s attention by unveiling a fascinating rendition of himself on his Instagram account.

Arjun Kapoor shares his cute AI replicas
Arjun Kapoor shares his cute AI replicas

The talented actor shared an endearing image of an AI-generated version of himself alongside replicas of popular celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Suhana Khan, and many more. These AI replicas were not only visually appealing but also garnered significant attention from fans and followers. Arjun couldn’t contain his amusement and fondness for his AI doppelganger, as he playfully commented, “I must admit, this adorable version of me is truly a cutie patootie!” Also Read : Deepika Padukone shares meme summing up her hilarious banter with husband Ranveer Singh: See inside 

Arjun’s Instagram post showcased the cutest AI replicas of renowned stars, including Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Sonam Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, and Tiger Shroff. The post quickly became a hot topic of discussion among fans, sparking enthusiasm and curiosity.

While Arjun Kapoor’s social media presence is notable, his professional endeavors also deserve recognition. He recently graced the screen in Aasmaan Bhardwaj’s directorial debut, “Kuttey,” a film that featured esteemed actors such as Naseeruddin Shah, Tabu, and Konkona Sensharma. Arjun’s performance in the film garnered widespread acclaim and appreciation from both critics and audiences alike.

Looking ahead, Arjun Kapoor has an array of exciting projects in the pipeline that are set to captivate his fans. Two highly anticipated films, “The Lady Killer” and “Meri Patni Ka Remake,” are scheduled for release this year. As fans eagerly await these upcoming releases, they are thrilled to witness Arjun’s versatility as he takes on diverse roles, showcasing his talent and charisma.

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