Get Motivated for 2021- Printable – Affirmation Card Decks

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What this Get Motivated for 2021offer includes?

2 Printable Card Decks for Inspiration, Motivation and Affirmation-

  • Inspirational, affirmation and oracle card decks gaining popularity and showed greatas products for sale, download and print offers and even gifts for clients, colleagues and friends.

36-Card Motivational & Inspirational Card Deck

  • These card deck available in easy to edit and fully customizable PowerPoint format. along with  PDF and PNG format  as well. The Cards Are Completely Customizable
  • Do whatever you want Change backgrounds , update fonts colors , replace Update .anything  to make a unique designs. It’s simple just drag and drop simplicity of the PowerPoint format .

10 Get Motivated Printable and Planner Pages

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These awesome printable are ideal for planners to use individually. Print and bound for your clients or let them print . They are completely editable PowerPoint format so replace  fonts or any elements and make as you would like Also included PNGs and a PDF.Printable Topics Include:

  1. Daily Motivation and Schedule Planner Sheet:
  2. Weekly Motivation and Schedule Planner Sheet
  3. Monthly Motivation and Schedule Planner Sheet:
  4. Yearly Motivation Planner Sheet:
  5. Goal Planning and Motivation goal.
  6. This Year’s Goals and Motivation:
  7. What Motivates Me in My Life:
  8. Daily Gratitude:
  9. My Skills and Assets:
  10. Habit Tracker:

Get Motivated for 2021- Printable - Affirmation Card Decks

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