How I install Google Tag manager Word Press

How I install Google Tag manager Word Press

Hello online marketing learners, I am doing affiliate marketing  since last couple of years and running couple of blogs on word press.

For Affiliate marketers it’s very important to track the traffic, affiliate links for performance evaluation, analysis and plan the future strategy based on link tracking data. On our affiliate landing page we inserts affiliate links in form of buttons or put subscription form, sign up forms, or download pdf files links.

During my Affiliate journey I am very kin, enthusiastic to know how many landing page view I got? How many people click the button or sign up the forms, how many conversions I got?

Link Tracking options ?

To this tracking many established or  affiliate marketers  earning good money have subscription with costly tracking plans like CLICK MAGIC OR CLICK METER, VOLUUM but for newbie or struggles  could not afford this , similarly I am also looking for some free tools for word press which we can use to track the  performance of websites.

There also some word press plug-in, can help us to this tracking task such as, Clicker Volt ,monsteInsights or link .

But if you want some in-depth data and you are looking affiliate marketing seriously you should give try to Google tag manger.

This article mostly about How I installed Google tag manger on my word press site and  how you can easily do that  without depending on your web developer

How I install Google Tag manager Word Press (2)
How I install Google Tag manager Word Press

Google tag manger in simple terms

Its tag manger tools which acts between our website , app and other third party tracking tools . in other words  you can put  tracking codes (tags) on word press site through  Google tag manger

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Google tag manager is such vast and wide concept , initially we found it too  complex.

 As discussed above , to summaries we are using tag manger mainly  to track,

  1. Page View
  2. Time spend by viewers on pages –
  3. Links
  4. Link Clicks
  5. Form Submissions

There are many more things we can do to track viewers engagements with Google tag manger in word press but, (read here)

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Simple way to install Google tag manger in word press

  1. First , create Google tag manger account with your existing Google email id ,
  2. Maybe you have already Google analytics , and we can add many websites in that account with our own property , it’s somewhat works in similar manner.
  3. After creating account , then setup container, container is  nothing but website or app which we wish to track
  4. Once we create container , we can see two codes, that codes to be added in our websites head and body part.
  5. To install it many of us use HEAD AND FOOTER plug-in or Google tag manager
  6. But i managed to smoothly install through Google site Word press plug-in
  7. Just Install Google Site kit – Plug-in from word press dashboard and install plug-in , through settings , click of Google tag manager and put your Google Container ID , usually start with GTM -xxxxxxx
How I install Google Tag manager Word Press (2)

This is just 1 week since  using Google tag manager on my word press blog, Will share insights to all of you once got little hold on it. until then For more information , please read more information here.

We are trying to understand thee most important aspect  Google tag manager to understand the  THE TAG, THE TRIGGER AND THE VARIABLES . Best luck for all of you !

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