Adipurush Controversy Continues : Kasthuri Shankar Questions Prabhas Portrayal as Lord Ram


Kasthuri Shankar Questions Prabhas Portrayal as Lord Ram

Kasthuri Shankar Questions Prabhas Portrayal as Lord Ram

Om Raut’s highly anticipated period drama film, Adipurush, based on the revered Hindu epic Ramayan, has been embroiled in a whirlwind of controversies since its teaser release last year. The latest criticism comes from renowned South Indian actress, Kasthuri Shankar, who took to Twitter to express her concerns about the casting of Prabhas, popularly known as the Rebel Star, in the role of Lord Ram. This unexpected departure from traditional portrayals has sparked a heated debate among fans and industry insiders.

Kasthuri Shankar Questions Prabhas Portrayal as Lord Ram
Kasthuri Shankar Questions Prabhas Portrayal as Lord Ram

Kasthuri Shankar’s Perspective:

In a thought-provoking tweet, Kasthuri Shankar questioned the decision to present Lord Ram and Laxman with moustaches and facial hair in the Adipurush poster. She pondered, “Is there any historical precedent where Lord Ramji and Laxman are depicted with such distinct facial features? This departure from tradition is quite unsettling. Particularly in Prabhas’s Telugu domain, where legendary actors have flawlessly portrayed Sri Rama. Personally, I find that Prabhas resembles Karna more than Rama. #Adipurush” Also Read: Padma Lakshmi Reflects on the Irresistible Allure of Top Chef: A Captivating Culinary Journey

Fans Respond:

Swiftly responding to Kasthuri Shankar’s critique, loyal fans came to Prabhas’s defense. They questioned the notion that gods cannot have facial hair, highlighting the lack of concrete evidence on the matter. They further emphasized that depictions of deities often rely on artists’ interpretations or popular imagery like the Sivakasi calendars. They humorously questioned whether Lord Ram and Laxman were accompanied by barbers during their mythical canvas, fueling the ongoing conversation around the film’s creative choices.

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Addressing the Controversy:

The controversy surrounding Adipurush underscores the challenges faced by filmmakers in striking a balance between artistic interpretation and maintaining authenticity with revered mythological stories. While some argue that artistic liberties are essential for cinematic adaptation, others believe that staying true to established visual representations is crucial in upholding cultural sentiments. The debate serves as a reminder of the diverse opinions that exist within society, as well as the responsibility that filmmakers carry when bringing revered epics to the silver screen.


As the controversy surrounding Adipurush deepens, the casting of Prabhas as Lord Ram continues to be a subject of scrutiny. Kasthuri Shankar’s criticism has added fuel to the ongoing debate about the portrayal of mythological characters and the importance of preserving established visual representations. While fans and industry insiders engage in a spirited discussion, it remains to be seen how the film’s creative team and Prabhas himself will respond to the growing concerns. Ultimately, Adipurush will serve as a testament to the delicate balance between artistic expression and reverence for cultural heritage in the realm of filmmaking.

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