Life is simple – We complicate everything we touch .

Life is simple -There was a student in India who wanted to become enlightened. He left his family in search of an appropriate guru to guide him further on his journey. Stopping at one guru’s place of business, he inquired as to this guru’s method of becoming enlightened.

The guru said, “Be- coming enlightened is really quite simple,Life is simple

. All you need to do is to go home each night and sit in front of a mirror for 30 minutes asking yourself the same question over and over. That question is: Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?” The prospective student replied, “Hey, it can’t be that simple.” “Oh yes, it is just Life is simple !!

,” replied the guru, “but there are several other gurus on this street.” “Thank you very much,” said the student.

 “I think I will inquire down the way.” [Today we call this action seeking a second opinion.] So the student approached the next guru with the same question. “How do I become enlightened?” The second guru replied, “Oh, it is quite difficult and takes much time. Actually, one must join with like-minded others in an ashram and do Sava. Sava means ‘selfless service,’ so you work without pay.” The student was excited; this guru’s philosophy was more consistent with his own preconceived view of enlightenment.

He always had heard it was difficult. The guru told the student that the only job open at the ashram was cleaning out the cow stalls. If the student were really serious about becoming enlightened, the guru would allow him to shovel all the dung and be responsible for keeping the cow stalls clean. The student accepted the job, feeling confident that he must be on the right path. After five long years of shoveling cow dung and keeping the stalls clean, the student was becoming discouraged and impatient about enlightenment.

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 He approached the guru and said, “Honored teacher, I have faithfully served you for five years cleaning up the dirtiest part of your ashram. I have never missed a day and have never complained once. Do you think it might be time for me to become enlightened?”

The guru answered, “Why yes, I believe you are now ready. Here is what you do. You go home each night and look at yourself in the mirror for 30 minutes, asking yourself the same question over and over again.

That question is: Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?” The very surprised student said, “Pardon me, honored one, but that is what the other guru down the street told me five years ago.” “Well, he was right,” responded the guru. “Then why have I shoveled cow dung for five years?” asked the student. “Because you are stupid, that’s why,” replied the guru.

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