Pathan Day 9 Box Office Collections : Grosses Rs 700 cr Worldwide

Pathan Day 9 Box Office Collections

Early estimates indicate that on Thursday, the Indian Hindi film “Pathaan” came closer to the historic Rs 700 crore record at the global box office.

Pathan Day 9 Box Office Collections
Pathan Day 9 Box Office Collections

On its eighth day, the movie’s domestic box office receipts are anticipated to have reached Rs 20 crore, bringing the total to about Rs 400 crore. However, the movie’s phenomenal performance on the global stage has brought it closer to the astonishing Rs 700 crore mark.

As of Wednesday, the movie’s worldwide box office took in a total of Rs 634 crore, claims film critic and industry expert Taran Adarsh. The movie made Rs 395 crore in gross domestic box office receipts and another Rs 239 crore abroad.

According to, as of day 9 and the second weekend, it has already sold advance tickets worth 3.90 crores gross, or more than 2 lakh tickets. Please be aware that the first show of day 9 is not yet underway when you purchase tickets.

Pathaan day-wise box office collections

Day 1: 57 Cr (2)

Day 2: 70.50 Cr (2.5)

Day 3: 39.25 Cr (1.25)

Day 4: 53.25 cr (1.75)

Day 5: 60.75 cr (2.25)

Day 6: 26.50 cr (1)

Day 7: 23 cr (1)

Day 8: 20 cr (0.75)

estimated Total Net  350.25 cr

(12.5 cr Net south)

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