Por Thozhil Review In English: A Captivating and Bone-Chilling Serial Killer Mystery That Takes a Traditional Path


Por Thozhil Review In English

Por Thozhil Review In English

Vignesh Raja presents “Por Thozhil,” a gripping murder mystery thriller in Tamil cinema that has garnered a devoted following among fans of the genre. While the murder mystery genre has seen numerous theories over the years, Tamil cinema has managed to produce some remarkable and heart-pounding thrillers in the past 4-5 years.

Por Thozhil Review In English
Por Thozhil Review In English

Ratsasan gained popularity, setting the trend for captivating murder mysteries. Por Thozhil follows suit, incorporating textbook theories, suspenseful elements, and a modern touch. As a whole, the film delivers enough to captivate its audience. Tamil cinema is undeniably rising above mainstream conventions, and Por Thozhil stands as a testament to its establishment.

Spanning a period of approximately two weeks in November, Por Thozhil begins with the discovery of a woman’s lifeless body. SP Lokanathan (R. Sarathkumar) arrives at the crime scene, shattered by the gruesome murder. He is joined by Prakash (Ashok Selvan), a newly appointed officer and gold medalist, who is timid by nature. Also Read : Zara Hatke Zara Bachke 2023 Review : An Entertaining Ride with Vicky Kaushal and Sara Ali Khan

The two investigators must overcome their differences as they delve into the serial killer mystery. They are accompanied by Veena (Nikhila Vimal), a female assistant assigned to aid them in solving the case. The investigation unfolds with thrilling conflicts, leading to unexpected twists, new culprits, and chilling revelations before reaching its conclusion.

Por Thozhil encompasses all the elements one seeks in a suspenseful thriller, even for those well-versed in the genre. The film provides ample suspense, necessary to sustain a thrilling ride over its two-and-a-half-hour runtime. Unlike many thrillers that take forced turns towards the end to ensure the victory of the protagonist, Por Thozhil introduces substantial conflicts that serve as a catalyst for the protagonist’s progression—a theoretically superior approach. Of course, there are some flaws that deserve criticism.

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The clichéd first meeting between the hero and heroine, where they exchange longing glances as if falling in love too quickly, is tiresome. Additionally, the reuse of the same female character in the climax, reminiscent of Ratsasan and certain Hollywood thrillers from the 1990s, falls short of expectations for fresh theories. However, these shortcomings do not detract significantly from the overall experience.

R. Sarathkumar delivers a rock-solid performance as the cold-hearted cop. He impeccably portrays the rough and tough nature of his character throughout the film. His expressions when sensing something amiss while maintaining a façade of indifference are remarkable. The way he lights his cigarettes, his demeanor as he walks away—every aspect of his portrayal is simply astounding.

Ashok Selvan, a handsome actor, fittingly portrays the image of a young and determined cop. Although Veena’s character has limited scope, Nikhila Vimal performs admirably. Por Thozhil will be remembered for the legendary Sarath Babu and his terrific performance. To avoid spoilers, I shall refrain from discussing the remaining cast members.

On the technical front, Por Thozhil envelops the audience in a chilling experience. The background score is exceptional and perfectly complements the mood of each scene. Sreejith Sarangm exhibits mastery in editing, skillfully piecing together the elements.

The film may start a bit slowly, but it serves the purpose of establishing the characters, allowing for a more immersive experience. Kalaiselvan Sivaji’s cinematography is fantastic, and the sound design is satisfactory. Above all, Por Thozhil is Vignesh Raja’s film through and through. His presence is felt in every frame, a testament to his intelligence and creativity.

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He elevates the viewing experience of a thriller with his directorial finesse—whether it’s an investigation scene, the merging of two simultaneous scenes, layering multiple elements, or unraveling twists—Por Thozhil amplifies the standard conflicts through Vignesh’s artistic vision behind the camera and monitor. Overall, Por Thozhil offers both thrilling and spine-chilling moments, essential for an engaging cinematic experience. Don’t miss it.

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