Top Desi Web Series To Watch In 2023


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Top Desi Web Series To Watch In 2023

Top Desi Web Series To Watch In 2023

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the desi web series available to stream now in 2023. The top desi web series available online and on OTT platforms are compiled in this list.

Top Desi Web Series To Watch In 2023

From online streaming services, we have gathered the desi web series. You’ve come to the right place if you’re tired of watching the same old shows that everyone keeps praising. Here are the web series to watch online in 2023.

Top Desi Web Series To Watch In 2023

She – Netflix

She is now the best web series to watch on the OTT service Netflix. Imtiaz Ali, who has worked on some of the most highly regarded films, is in charge of directing it. It centres on a police officer who goes undercover to expose a plot but becomes embroiled in the murky, criminal underworld.

Top Desi Web Series To Watch In 2023

You simply can’t miss Aditi Sudhir Pohankar in this web series in 2023 due to her outstanding performance. We’re hoping for a third season of the show later this year even though there are currently two on Netflix.

Lust Stories – Netflix

From the viewpoint of Indian women, four stories that cover everything from difficult partnerships to hiccups shed light on current pairings.

Top Desi Web Series To Watch In 2023

Aashram – MX Player

One of the top Desi web series, Aashram, from MX Original and created by Prash Jha centres around a Baba who has subjugated the people of Kashipur and turned into a deity. Bobby Deol takes on the challenging role of the Baba, a character who uses his words to fascinate others and uses lies to hypnotise them.

Jalebi Bai – Ullu

Jalebi Bai was just a regular housekeeper when she first came into contact with people. But ultimately she became the link that tied them together

Gandii Baat – Alt Balaji

Gandii Baat – Top Hot Desi Web Series To Watch In 2023

a thought-provoking and exciting web series that features stories from rural India. filled with scenes and a compelling narrative.

Rasbhari – Amazon Prime Video

A web series on Amazon Prime Video is called Rasbhari. Swara Bhaskar, Neelu Kohli, Ayushmaan Saxena, and Pradhuman Singh play the main characters in this web series.

Top Hot Desi Web Series To Watch In 2023
Top Desi Web Series To Watch In 2023

On June 25, 2020, Rasbhari will debut exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. The entire cast and crew of “Rasbhari” are listed below:

Wanna Have a Good Time – Ullu

An Indian web series called Wanna Have A Good Time 2 is available on the ullu app. Drama and romance are the genres of this Ullu web series.

Wanna Have a Good Time – Ullu

On the ullu app, you can watch every episode of this web series. The ullu app hosted the launching of this web series on August 9, 2020.

Palang Tod Siskiyaan – Ullu

The Ullu original web series Siskiyaan will be available to view on the Ullu app this week. The trailer has already been released on many social media sites, including YouTube.

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