In that regard, there is a lot to see. Easter eggs in video games are small and obscure references hidden in the game as little surprises.

The name of the band appears on the T-shirt worn by Joel's daughter Sarah, played by Nico Parker, at the start of the show - and the game.

Aside from a few posters, the game has no real significance for the band, but the back of the Tshirt depicts how the game works.

The show's director cleverly uses camera angles to make The Last of Us feel like a video game when Joel, Tommy, and Sarah are attempting to flee Austin during the chaos of the initial outbreak.

With the camera in the back seat, everything is in third person. That's exactly how the game is shot out of the truck - you're still playing as Sarah, and she's in the back seat at that point.

Many of us immediately noticed that it feels like a video game during these shots, a trick used much more effectively here than in other TV adaptations of the game.

In both the game and the TV show, Sara wakes up in the middle of the night in her bedroom, stumbling around in her sleep in the dark to see what is going on.

Both scenes add context, albeit in different ways.

You control Sarah in the video game, and she is watching her house in the dark.

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